Trading Justice

One analyst on TV tells you the market is going to go up and another one in the next segment will tell you that the market is going to go down. With talking heads on every news channel playing with your emotions, how do you know what is actually going on? For such a complex question there is a fairly simple answer… learn technical analysis and filter out all of the noise! As the saying goes, “rugs, men and, women lie. But numbers do not!”
On episode 262 of the Trading Justice podcast, we invite coach Gino Poore to discuss the ins and outs of technical analysis and how one can use this technique to make winning trades. Coach Gino also discusses how one can read a chart to avoid some major mistakes that traders make. Come join us for another fascinating episode of the Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Matt Justice

Market Skyline: 2:05

Feature Presentation: 25:32

Coaches Mailbag: 56:35

Who Dat: 1:15:22

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