Trading Justice

podcast   There's a joke that teachers are secretly students of what they're teaching since teaching is the best way to learn something and master it. It makes a sort of sense, too; you can't (properly) instruct someone on a subject unless you understand it, and teaching something so another person understands the subject offers the instructor other ways of viewing the subject matter. So it was for Tyler Craig when he started coaching day trading for Legacy education after only six months of practice and instruction for himself. He did have to know the material to properly convey it, but by teaching people different aspects of trading and options theory, Tyler came to appreciate more nuanced aspects of trading as he had to adapt to many varied learning styles. If you feel stuck on a particular aspect of trading, think about how you would convey it to someone else in a way that person would understand. It may just open the door to your own understanding. In this episode, Matt and Tim are joined by long-time trader Tyler Craig to discuss trading education, the importance of mentorship, and taking the steps necessary to improve your life. applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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