Trading Justice

podcast Trading anything is never without risk, but some positions can be riskier than others. Options, for example. In the hands of an untrained novice, poorly trading options can lead to the complete implosion of a portfolio over a short period of time. However, with the right training and practice, options can instead become a low-risk cash flow generating part of a portfolio. So it was for Marius as he began his trading career. Most of the traders in his area (Romania) primarily traded forex and stayed away from options due to the perceived risks present. For those particular traders, that hightened risk was likely legitimate as they had no training on it. Marius, however, was undeterred and began researching various coaches and shows until he hit upon a mentor program through Andy Tanner. In this program, Marius eventually met Noah Davidson and learned about the intricacies of options trading, along with all their potential use in a portfolio: simple cash flow, insurance for a portfolio, and more. Marius even started giving back to the community with the creation of a variety of options calculating spreadsheets for his peers to utilize in trading. Join us as Tim interviews Marius Posogan about learning options trading, the importance of creativity to any pursuit, and more. applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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