Trading Justice

podcast Join Matt and Tim as they go into portfolio design. When trading, it's best to do so with a plan in place. Said plan will help in a variety of ways: it will help limit emotional trading after big wins or a string of losses, provides structure to streamline your trading process, and can help hedge against risk. Two key components to a trading plan are trading rules, and by extension, portfolio design. The rules define what kind of trades fit your personal risk profile, how much of your portfolio to assign to a given trade, and the like. Portfolio design takes those rules and puts them into a structured investing instrument. How much will you speculate? How about growth allocation? Will you keep cash on hand for particular opportunities? What's your growth target each month? The rules inform the answers to these questions, and when implemented, will help you design your portfolio.   applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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