Trading Justice

podcast Join Tackle Trading's Gino Poore, Tim Justice, and Tyler Craig as they discuss positioning trades to both enter and exit the market efficiently. In this Coaches Show audio replay, the Tackle Trading coaches cover more than just market conditions and economic news for the week. While market conditions were indeed covered, the focus was trade positioning and getting the most return and protection out of entering and exiting a trade. Entering a trade is more than just clicking a few buttons on a screen or calling your broker. It also involves timing the trade, assessing trade volume if you're considering options, and figuring out your best entry and exit points. If you already do this without thinking too much about it, you're already trade positioning as part of your routine. Each of these aspects, when planned out, can help maximize a return and minimize a loss. Further, entry and exit points don't have to be fixed. If a stock is looking like it may swing into an extended position in your favor (either high or low), you may wish to let it ride and can absolutely do so. Do note, though, that if the exit isn't revised in the trade itself, you may end up giving back all the gains you were letting ride in the first place, and then some.   applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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