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podcast Join Matt and Tim for a wide-ranging discussion about the latest happenings in the market with regard to Brexit, the Central Banks, and trading systems. With the future of the Brexit still uncertain but not currently moving forward, the markets had a snapback lasting longer than the initial dip from the referendum results, resulting in a bit of a bullish rally. That's not to say the markets are bullish right now; the markets themselves are still sideways, and have been for the past 19 months. The Brexit vote caused a bit of a shakeup and a spike in volatility, but pricewise, it's as though the vote hadn't happened at all. Going hand in hand with this mini-rally is the Central Banks from around the world assuring that they would take any measures necessary to shore up the markets should they have felt the rumblings of a crash occurring. Regardless of whether the snapback had occurred or an actual crash instead, if a trader is prepared for a given market (bullish, bearish, neutral), that trader will make money regardless of what the markets do, and without having to do much other than manage trades that follow said system. Do note, though, that while running a system may be easy once it's built and backtested, constructing an actual system with a reasonable probability of success is some serious work (and it should be, too). Think of it as frontloading the work into your trading. All the testing and design is done up front, and then the system generally runs itself save specific trade management. --- For your free 15 day Tackle Trading Pro trial membership, follow this link ( and fill out the form with the coupon code being: theta Also, we'll be giving away a free month of Tackle Trading Pro membership to the best, most interesting review left for the podcast on iTunes! You can leave a review right here. applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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