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podcast Join Matt and Tim for an interview with Micah Brooks, long-time investor and Legacy educator. One would expect if interest in the markets is passed down by the family, it would be from parent to child. That wasn't the case for Micah. It was his grandfather that sparked the interest at a young age. While his father ran an electrician shop, Micah would chat with his grandpa about the markets, mutual funds, and investing. It was even his grandfather that taught Micah how to read the ticker symbols and stock quotes at that young age. When it came time to go to college, Micah tried following the family business of engineering, but found it didn't interest him. What did grab his attention, though, was economics. This was also about when trading started getting Micah's attention again, too; his co-workers were trading while working on MBAs and introduced him to options trading through ScottTrade. Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper education, Micah's account was soon empty. It wouldn't be his last time trading, though. While working at an investment firm, Micah ran into a group of day traders a few blocks away that were willing to help teach him the proper ins and outs of options trading (as well as setting him up with a virtual account to practice with first). Before long, not only was Micah pulling returns, he ended up as co-owner of his own investment firm managing other folks' money! One of the keys was the proper education, along with the willingness to seek it out. Without that training, Micah may have ended up staying an account manager at the previous firm instead of owning his own. Today, in addition to trading himself, Micah trains others to trade both through classes and mentorships with the goal of helping people gain control of their finances through motivation, self-discipline, and the development of a solid trading plan. That is something folks can end up missing in reading about big trades and big wins: you can't get there without the motivation to carry you through. Trading half-heartedly or as a hobby will get you hobby-like results. Commit. Get educated and stay with it, and the results will follow.  
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