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podcast Join Garret Holden and Justice Ekhaguere as they dive into The Death of Money by James Rickards. You wouldn't think it, but the world fiat currency system is under intense pressure. Massive amounts of quantitative easing (you can read that as printing money) by every major country, increasing instability with events such as the Brexit, and the continued flow of money upwards without it cycling back into the economy has pushed the world economy to the breaking point. That's James Rickards take, anyway. ...and he knows a thing or two about economics. Rickards is a portfolio manager, lawyer, economist, and the first to apply complexity theory to economics. He's also the author of the best-selling New Case for Gold and Currency Wars.; From China's sprawling empty cities and the corrupt uncertainty of Russia, to the massive market manipulation of the US, EU, and Japan, The Death of Money takes us through just what is really going on behind the curtain of the world economies. Even other BRICS countries, such as Brazil, aren't without their problems. Brazil, for example, has patchy infrastructure and is currently embroiled in corruption hearings throughout its government. It's not all doom and gloom, though; Rickards also offers insights on what can be done to prepare for the worst. So listen in as Garrett takes you through The Death of Money.
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