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podcast Join Matt and Tim for a discussion on the ongoing upward markets, the continuing polarization of the world, and a conversation with Coach Greg Holmes about commodities. The markets reached and tested new highs last week despite a slew of upsetting news over the past month or so. From Brexit and Orlando to Detroit, France, and Turkey, the markets are just unfazed. That's not to say there aren't initial reactions. There was a dip after the Brexit Resolution vote, but short of the GBP, everything has generally already recovered or even broken new highs in the case of the S&P. Granted momentum is decreasing, but that doesn't change the surge that occurred. Conversely, the events that have been unfolding around the world reflect a growing divide, whether ideological or otherwise, and the more radicalized elements getting more press time than more grounded and moderate views. What doesn't help this is an increasing inability to discuss things with one another, whether it's hot-button issues such as gun control or more mundane things such as taxes. When it's discovered that someone has a differing opinion on certain subjects, people are either just not talking about the subjects in question (in the best case), or outright breaking all communication with the other party (in the worst case). This causes a devolving echo chamber on both sides of issues where folks are only listening to others that share their views, which in turn gives radicalized elements a bigger voice as people try to 'outdo' one another in ideological purity. The good news is, this can stop. Instead of rejecting the other side out of hand (on whatever the issue is) and devolving to attacks on the other position, have a rational discussion. Don't bait the other side into acting irrationally nor allow yourself to be baited. The more we talk to each other, the more we'll find we actually have in common in other ways, even if we don't agree on everything. That can lead to more rational discussions, and more understanding, which would narrow that divide and bring folks closer together again. It can be done. The trick, though, is to keep talking.
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