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podcast Tim and Matt are joined by market veteran and raconteur Pete Thomas to talk commodities, trading, and Pete's colorful history. Pete Thomas, currently the Senior VP of Zaner Precious Metals, has quite a history. Not only is he a LONG time trader of precious metals that started in silver, Peter was also a long-time stunt coordinator for Hollywood; including films from Towering Inferno to the Dark Knight Rises. Also a motorcycle enthusiast, author, and again, a talented metals trader, Pete has much to share. Matt is also a metals fan, and has a long-term compounding strategy in development called Personal Gold Standard. The general idea is to take passive cash flow from dividends, covered calls, and other gains to purchase physical gold and silver. The idea here is twofold. First, as a hedge against currency risk, and second, as a diversification into commodities with proven historical performance in the markets. Here’s a couple of Pete Thomas’s articles for ya, as well:
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