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podcast Millennials and later live in an exciting time. Many of them have never known life without the internet (or even Amazon in some cases). The availability of information is unrivaled in history. ...and in terms of trading, it's never been so robust or easy to keep up with your trades. From Robin Hood to full brokers such as Thinkorswim, you can trade on the go or fully immerse yourself in an eight-screen workstation. Unfortunately, while one hand giveth, the other hand taketh away. The future of a Millennial is far less uncertain. Gone are the days of their grandparents and parents where going to college could easily lead to a solid paying job. Also absent are pension plans from working at the same company for decades. Further, college is expensive (and increasing in price every year) and is increasingly becoming a form of credentialism. The path of a Millenial into adulthood and beyond will be far different than previous generations. Take Jake Larmour, for instance. He's a Millennial forging his own path. Having started working for his father at the age of 11, by the time he graduated, he already had close to a decade of experiences on his resume. Early in college, he came across Rich Dad, Poor Dad and through further digging, ended up signing up for Legacy Education classes. Today, he's still in school and further refining his day trading skills while also learning about real estate. On TOP of it. Want to hear more of Jake's story? Then sit back and listen to episode 179 of the Trading Justice podcast. You can find Jake Larmour in the Facebook Group: Liberated Traders. Here's a link for ya.  
September's book is Market Wizards, by Jack D. Schwager (July 2012 edition). You can find it on Amazon right here, or check your local library. We'll be doing a live audience podcast on September 29 at 7 PM ET to discuss the book. You'll be able to join us right here: Podcast Room
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