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podcast The US economy, and the world's in general, is on shaky ground. Interest rates are at record lows (and negative in some instances), making it of marginal value to save or buy bonds. The markets are overextended to the upside, causing volatility spikes when there's movement to the downside. In such conditions, what's called a flight to safety often occurs; where investors move their capital to traditionally safe instruments such as bonds and precious metals. However, with interest rates what they are, the flight to safety is being concentrated more into gold and silver. That's where Steve Rand comes in for new and veteran investors. With over 13 years of experience assisting investors with the precious metals markets tailored to each investor, he's developed a keen understanding of the underpinnings of both gold & silver and the markets as a whole. Want to hear what Steve has to say about the current state of things? Then give a listen to episode 180 of Trading Justice. Want to get in touch with Steve Rand? Here's how you can: Ph: 602.365.0165 email: web:
September's book is Market Wizards, by Jack D. Schwager (July 2012 edition). You can find it on Amazon right here, or check your local library. We'll be doing a live audience podcast on September 29 at 7 PM ET to discuss the book. You'll be able to join us right here: Podcast Room
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