Trading Justice

Intro by Tim Justice
2:41 Market update
26:59 S&P predictions 32:12 Matt Justice and Rocky IV 41:03 S&P Historically and Price correction 53:39 Final words on the S&P 57:10 Dollar Predictions 1:02:15 Oil Predictions 1:04:54 Gold/Silver Prediction 1:12:12 Bitcoin Prediction and Warning 1:25:14 Wildcard Prediction
 Last year the coaches at Tackle Trading and the Trading Justice podcast were spot on with some of their predictions. This year let's heed the advice of these bright wise owls. This podcast is one for the books that will have you completely informed and entertained. Great predictions and a solo from Matt Justice, no fear he hasn't stopped coaching to pursue a singing career. Trading Justice episode 198 is here, enjoy!
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