Trading Justice

In this episode of the podcast, the team welcomes a familiar voice, Coach Noah Davidson, from Tackle Trading to discuss the Iron Condor Strategy.  Iron Condors are a limited risk, limited reward, neutral, cash flow options strategy designed to have high probability of profit when the underlying is range-bound within a certain price level.  It’s a great way to play neutral conditions and still generate positive cash flow.  Listen in as Matt and Noah discuss the philosophy, construction and rules behind this powerful trading strategy.

Before the feature, we analyze the key news and charts in our market skyline section.  The market has been stuck in a range as it’s waiting for clarity on interest rate policy from the Federal Reserve.  Oil has been under pressure, while gold has rallied as of late.  Will those trends continue?  Listen in for all of our opinions.

The boys also play a game of Locked In, which is a favorite on our podcast.  Lastly, we answer questions about put buying in an IRA as well as which strategies are best to develop monthly income from trading.

02:04 Market Skyline

38:14 Iron Condor

1:27:50 Locked In

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