Trading Justice

In this episode, we bring Tyler Craig on for an interview.  Tyler is a contributor and coach at Tackle Trading and a frequent guest of the podcast.  Tyler writes the Tales of a Technician Blog, the Options Theory blog and regularly hosts webinars and creates scouting reports for the Tackle Trading community.  Listen in to the discussion between Tim and Tyler about a range of topics from market cycles, how to handle volatility, the proper role of insurance and more.

But first, in the Market Skyline, the team discusses the recent market action across equities, economic data, bonds, interest rates, gold, oil, and bitcoin.  Stock prices have sold off in the last week after the Federal Reserve lowered its base rate by 25 basis points, the trade war and currency war between the US and China has escalated and earnings season has had little impact.  Will the selling continue?  What is the impact of the Chinese Yuan being devalued against the US Dollar?  Listen in as we discuss these questions.

Lastly, Mark, Tim, and Matt pick their NFC teams in anticipation of the NFL season.  Last week we selected AFC teams, and this week we’re drafting the rest.  Football is one of our favorite past times so it’s simply fun to talk about the sport and project how we think these NFL teams will end up this season.  Who’s your favorite team?  Based on his recent record in podcast games, if Tim picked them, you might be in for a rough year.

1:42 Market Skyline

31:30 Tyler Craig

57:46 Drafting NFL NFC teams

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