Trading Justice

In this episode, the boys discuss the Naked Put strategy.  Selling puts is a bullish cash flow strategy.  A trader benefits as time passes, as implied volatility falls and as the stock goes up.  Listen in for some tips and tricks on how Matt, Tim, and Mark use Naked Puts including what delta’s they like to use, how much time they like to trade them in and general approaches to position sizing and risk assessment.

Before the feature, we discuss the broad markets during the weekly Skyline.  Stocks have been under pressure in August due to the trade war, international risk and general risk aversion from investors.  Will the selling continue?  Get our takes on the indexes, commodities and currency markets.  BONUS: we have a discussion on indicators and which ones we like and don’t.  It’s a fun segment, jam-packed with content.

Lastly, Mark has a game of ‘Fake or Real News’ for Matt and Tim to play where he has headlines he reads and asks the boys to answer if they think it’s Fake or Real news.  Here’s a headline: Tim breaks his podcast game losing streak!  Is it fake or real?  You’ll have to tune in to find out.

1:33 Market Skyline
44:38 Naked Put
1:20:00 Fake This

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