Trading Justice

In this episode of the podcast, Matt, Tim,and Mark answer questions from our community in our Coaches Mailbag. Building a trading community is something we’re passionate about, and there’s no better way to help our listeners than to listen to them and answer their questions. We discuss investing mindset, rules from the STEP System and more during this value-packed segment.

Before that, we review the market conditions during our Skyline. The Trade War headlines dominated the month of August and the market moved back and forth. Will the volatility continue? How are the boys approaching stocks moving forward? Listen in to hear our takes. Lastly, we play a game where Mark lists out the top 10 video games by rank and Matt and Tim decide if the game is ‘worthy or not worthy’ of being on the list

Market Skyline 01:00

Coaches Mailbag 37:10

Worthy or Unworthy 1:03:00


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