Trading Justice

The Tackle Trading team has recently returned from the Trader's Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, and wanted to share their experiences on this podcast.  In this episode, Tim, Noah, Emily, David, and Silvia share their insights into what they saw and learned at the expo.  If you have never been to a trading convention, it is truly interesting to hear what happens when like-minded individuals meet.  

Before the discussion, Mark, Noah, and Tim analyze the markets during our Market Skyline segment.  Is the trade war resurfacing or is it just news chatter?  Listen in to get our analysis across stocks, commodities, sectors, and seasonality during this popular segment.

Lastly, the team plays a game where they have to pick what the worst thing to lose is out of your Wallet, Keys, and Phone.

1:35 Market Skyline

22:40 Feature Presentation

1:00:53 Game Time

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