Trading Justice

In this episode, we discuss the different styles of traders including Delta, Theta and Vega.  Trading well requires rules.  Every trader needs to build a playbook with rules, and a style that fits their objectives, capital and personal strengths.  Matt, Tim, Mark and Noah discuss their personal favorite types of trading as well as some of the strategies they prefer to use within that style.  Listen in for insight into an important topic for any trader.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our Market Skyline.  Recent headlines regarding the Trade War have kept traders positive and bullish as markets are near all time highs.  Should you have faith in the news?  If so, what stocks or sectors are the best places to play bullish?  We analyze all of the important information and break down the strength in Health Care, Technology, Industrial's and Financials and give our take on these questions.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game for the boys regarding which holidays are most popular to send holiday cards on.  Christmas is the most popular holiday to send a card for most people, which holidays come in after that?  Which holidays do you send a card to someone on?  Join us for some laughs and fun.  

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