Trading Justice

In this episode, we welcome Keith King back to the podcast to discuss current market conditions, trading in these environments, and the long term fundamental outlook.  Keith is a veteran trader, former market maker on the Boston and New York stock exchanges, mentor, and excellent teacher of how to trade.  Listen in for his insights, wisdom, and perspective on how to trade in this market.

Before that, we analyze all the market from a top-down approach in our Market Skyline segment.  Stocks have been very bullish, breaking out and holding trends.  The entire market has been in a Risk-taking mode for some time.  Will it continue?  Matt, Mark, and Tim discuss and provide our insights during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Tim asks the boys quiz questions about some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  The quarterback is one of the most important, and most discussed, positions in sports.  Who has the most passing TDs of all time?  Interceptions?  Sacks?  We have some fun talking about sports during this segment.

2:00 Market Skyline

41:26 Keith King

1:51:30 Random Game

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