Trading Justice

In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the current state of financial markets including some specific themes that are developing across different stock groupings.  Stocks have been resilient holding their current upward trends and patterns.  Participants have ignored recent Covid-19 data by and large, and have instead focused on buying into stocks in the Blue Chip category and pandemic specific plays.  Strength in these specific groups have been clear, while questions still remain regarding companies that are dependent on a re-opening of the economy.  We discuss all of the action during our Market Skyline and break down the difference of a V, U, W and L shaped recovery.  Listen in to get all of our analysis on these topics.

After that, Coach Mark has a game ready where he reads quotes from Federal Reserve Chairmen from the last 4 decades and Matt and Tim have to guess who said them.  Volker, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen and Powell have all had some interesting things to say over time, and we have some fun trying to name the person who matches up with the quote.

2:20 Market Skyline

1:33:10 Name that Quote


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