Trading Justice

In this episode, we welcome Dean Beckette back to the podcast.  Dean is a financial markets trader, specializing in stocks and options using the Boomerang strategy.  He's been a student and trader of the market for nearly a decade.  Tim and Dean sit down to have a conversation about how he's approaching market's in 2020, what advice he would give beginners and more during our feature presentation.

Before that, Matt, Mark and Tim analyze the broad markets during our Market Skyline.  Stocks have fared well the last 10 days as support formed, and prices have rallied towards daily resistance.  The market is more optimistic about the prospects for a stimulus deal happening amidst a lack of corporate news.  Can the market break and run?  We give our analysis and thoughts about the current state of the market during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game for Tim and Dean where we guess song's based on their lyrics.  Dean is a wonderful Karaoke King, and loves music, so this will be a tough one for Tim to win.  Listen in to this fun segment.

2:35 Market Skyline
33:25 Dean Beckette
1:13:53 Karaoke King

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