Trading Justice

In this episode, Matt, Mark and Tim discuss the upcoming election scenario's and their market implications. There is much on the line this coming Tuesday, as Vice President Biden and President Trump make their last efforts to convince voters. What will the market do if Biden wins, Trump wins, or if there is no clear winner on election night? What are the implications if the Republicans or Democrats win the Senate? We discuss all of the hypotheticals during our feature presentation.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our skyline. Stocks sold off again this week, with a lack of a stimulus deal, election uncertainty, and tepid response to earnings reports, stocks broke down below key support levels. We discuss the current market conditions, and what we expect over the next week in stocks and commodities during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Mark has a game for Matt and Tim on election trivia.

1:45 Market Skyline

29:50 Election Scenarios

1:10:20 Election Trivia


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