Trading Justice

In this episode, the coaches get together to discuss last years predictions and receive Volker and Bernanke awards for the best and worst ones. At the end of each year we make predictions for the next year on stocks, gold, the US Dollar, Bitcoin, Oil and more. Listen in as we discuss a year that was in the markets as Coach Mark determines who wins Volker's for the best predictions and Bernanke's for the worst.

Before that, we analyze the major stories in the market during our Skyline. Congress is voting Monday on another round of stimulus, but, the volatility in stocks came over the weekend in European trade. Early Monday morning, stocks started selling in a reaction to new concern out of the UK over a mutated Covid-19 strain, lockdown measures and fresh travel restrictions. But, prices quickly were bought up during the US Markets in an impressive bullish response. Listen in as we discuss the news and price action.

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