Trading Justice

In this episode, Matt, Tim, and Mark discuss the recent mania around Gamestop. Gamestop, a heavily shorted company that has been in a downtrend for years prior to the last 6 months. The stock broke out last week with extreme price movement. On a day by day basis, the stock has moved so violently that it has caught the attention of the public as well as market participants. On Thursday, Robinhood (and other online brokers) stopped opening transactions on GME as well as other symbols. Robinhood has come under fire for the moves, and there are still lots of questions surrounding their actions, what happened and why. Listen in as we discuss what has been happening, what it means for traders, and what we should watch for moving forward.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our Market Skyline segment. Stocks are up on Monday after a pullback last week. There are new conversations starting regarding stimulus - where President Joe Biden is meeting with 10 republican senators over their trimmed down proposal. Earnings have been busy, with Apple and Microsoft reporting last week (along with over 100 other S&P 500 co's). Also, Silver rocketed higher on Monday as it's captured the attention of many traders. Listen in as we discuss all of the news and analyze what to watch for moving forward in this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark brings some questions from our community for another edition of the Coaches Mailbag. Are trail stops viable on stocks like AMC rocketing higher? How would you manage a short call on SLV after the big rally? Listen to the coach's answers in this informative segment.

1:55 Market Skyline

48:36 GME Mania

1:46:16 Coaches Mailbag


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