Trading Justice

In this episode, the coaches analyze the potential in Energy stocks moving forward. Energy has been a hot sector as of late, up +5% the past week, +17% year to date, and +26% in the last 3 months. For years, Energy stocks had been out of favor for many participants in the market. Recently Crude Oil has started to gain some bullish traction and has moved from the high $30's in November to up over $62 dollars per barrel today. Listen in as the Coaches discuss the potential for Energy stocks to capitalize on higher crude oil price and potentially play some 'catch up' to the broad markets during our Feature.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our weekly Skyline. Earnings season is approaching the end for this quarter and stocks have held up pretty well. For the month, Indexes are up across the board, although they've stalled recently. Oil has been on fire, gold is fighting for support, and Bitcoin volatility continues. Listen in as we discuss all of the price action and news that is impacting markets right now.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a quiz game for Matt and Tim with questions about oil, oil history, and gas prices. Do you remember the price of a gallon of gas in 1961? How about when you graduated high school? Listen in as we have some fun answering Mark's quiz questions.

1:30 Skyline
47:20 Energy Sector
1:36:40 Closest to the Hole

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