Trading Justice

In this episode, Coach Tim discusses the importance of having a strong Why as a trader, investor, entrepreneur, and individual. When you're starting any new business or journey in life, it is very important to identify why you're doing so. So, why do you want to be a trader? Listen in to the podcast to hear Coach Tim's thoughts on the topic and the importance of a strong why statement

Before that, Matt and Tim discuss the current market conditions during this week's SKyline. Stocks are below the short-term moving averages, except the Energy sector who has relative strength. Politics have been in focus as the markets wait for Congress to pass an infrastructure bill and raise the debt ceiling Crude Oil is breaking resistance, Bitcoin is pushing towards 50K, and Facebook is in the news after a whistleblower report. Listen in to the coaches discuss the important news and price action of the week.

2:45 Market Skyline
51:38 Feature Presentation

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