Trading Justice

Welcome to the Trading Justice Podcast where the Justice Boys talk about “The Next Trade.” The markets have been all about AI and growth sectors this year with almost all the market gains coming from these sectors. Is it time for a little bit of rotation into well…everything else? The Justice Boys break it down and make a case why the “Next Trade” is likely one involving the cyclical areas of the market. For the broad market to take the next leg up it needs more participation then just “The Magnificent Seven.” The Justice boys lay out there arguments why small-caps and cyclicals (particularly energy) are do for a little catch up if this market is going to make any reasonable gains from here. The Justice Boys have been pretty good at these broad market calls over the last year…come listen to their argument and see if you agree! It is great podcast episode so sit back and plan your next drink as you listen to anther fantastic edition of The Trading Justice podcast!

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