Trading Justice

Welcome to Episode 579 of the Trading Justice Podcast

In this exciting episode, the Justice brothers dive into the markets as both gold and the broader market hit all-time highs this week. They discuss the market reaching these historic levels and the patterns that typically emerge at all-time highs.

This week features notable earnings with NVIDIA (NVDA) on deck. The Justice brothers break down expectations and potential impacts. Additionally, they provide a thorough analysis of the latest inflation data, discussing possible scenarios and their implications for the market and economy.

The episode also covers the latest developments in the meme stock phenomenon, examining which stocks are trending and their effects on market volatility. Join Matt and Mark as they provide insightful analysis and lively discussion on these pivotal market events. Sit back and enjoy another fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!


  • 3:00 - Skyline
  • 11:20 - NVDA Earnings
  • 21:00 - CPI/PPI Reports
  • 31:00 - Metals Market
  • 56:00 - Meme Craze
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