Trading Justice

July's book is The Death of Money, by James Rickard. You can find it on Amazon right here, or check your local library. We'll be doing a live audience podcast on July 13 at 7 PM ET to discuss the book and will send out a link to all prior to the book review. We have a preview of the book and the author with host Garrett Holden for you today, too, so give it a listen, give The Death of Money a read, and come ready to discuss the book! Once a month members of Tackle Trading can participate in the Tackle Trading Book Club (Think Oprah but much cooler, life changing, and actually can help us improve our lives and make some money).  The Tackle Trading Book Club will be monitored by Garrett Holden.  Each month we will select 1-2 books to read and review at the end of the month through an online webinar.  There will be books of many different topics including mindset, trading, options, technical analysis, economic.  Our desire at Tackle is to make the most intelligent and informed traders of all time and we are all prepared to put the time and effort in to accomplish this goal.  
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