Trading Justice

Matt and Tim bring on Noah Davidson from Tackle Trading to discuss earnings, economic reports and a discussion on the FED and their role in monetary and economic policy.  
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In episode lucky #13 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss traditional investing in 401k and IRAs.  They discuss the pros of moving to a IRA or individual account, define shorting stock and discuss why people choose to pay trillions in fees to underperform the market.  
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Matt and Tim review the financial markets last week and this.  We have a ton of economic and earnings reports this week.  They discuss the CMG and AAPL earnings reports and discuss the inverted butterfly.  Tim walks Matt thru the Top 10 ways to find your inner Zen.  
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Matt and Tim discuss what is more important this week, the geo-political situations or earnings.  We look at earnings on CMG and NFLX.  We also discuss building a weekly expectation and preparation for the market. As always, hit the like button, leave a review on iTunes  
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Matt brings on guest Gino Poor to discuss trading in the financial markets, selling time, importance of volatility.  Gino is a mentor with Richdad Education that has mentored over 350 individuals in trading and has mentored with some of the brightest and best traders in the market.  
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Matt and Tim discuss the situation that broke out today with Israel invading and the jetliner being shot down.  How does this effect the markets?  They also discuss briefly the USD as the reserve status and how it impacts global politics.  Matt wonders where is the US foreign policy?  
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In episode 8 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss the market movements this week, discuss earning strategies from an investor and a trader perspective and many other things such as the greatest song for karaoke...Billy Joel and The Piano Man. Sing us a song tonight Traders!!!!  
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Matt and Tim bring on guest Dean Beckette.  Dean discusses his decision to start a trading business, his journey over the last three years as a full time trader.  They also discuss trading earnings in a strategy Dean made up one day called the Crystal Trade where he sells an ATM put option and take the credit to buy an OTM Long Strangle....awesome.  
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Matt and Tim discuss mindset of traders, transitioning from the small business mindset to that of a business mindset.  Matt discusses how Richdad helped him transition from the left side to the right side of the quadrant.  Tim paints himself into a corner regarding Henry Ford and Narcissism that Matt refuses to cut out of the podcast.  In a nutshell, the market was boring today so we talked about context.  
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