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The Tackle Trading crew come together for  the Coaches Show for Episode #21 of the Trading Justice Podcast.  To review the video edition of the Coaches Show go to  Gino discusses his scouting report picks and celebrates a few home runs.  Matt and Noah analyze the market, discussing shorting the three most bearish sectors.  They analyze about 10 different stocks for short term trades.  Tim and Matt discuss a potential pairs trade on XLE and /CL.  Noah goes short on /DX while Matt longs EUR/USD.  Matt loses his mind on the valuation of Snapchat.  
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In episode 20 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss the recent FED meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  They discuss the role of the FED in both the financial and labor markets.  They also discuss how politics and the war on terror specifically has shifted the global US brand.  
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Jake Pelley joins episode 19 of the Trading Justice Podcast to discuss how he has over 10000 trades under his belt since 2011 and never taken a loss...never.  Gino Poore, Noah Davidson from Tackle Trading join Matt and Tim to discuss hedging the risk to the dollar with Silver.  Tim talks about his plan to get his extended family interested in investing by giving Silver Eagles as gifts.  
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Gino Poore from Tackle Trading joins the Trading Justice Podcast to discuss expiration Friday in a new Webinar called Coaches Show: Happy Hour.  They discuss the scouting report from the prior week as well as Matt and Tim's picks posted at the Trading Justice website.  Tim has a High Fidelity moment (Language Warning), gives his top 5 players he is looking forward to drafting in his Fantasy Football league.  All in all...what you would expect from a bunch of traders talking on a Friday night.  
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Jeff Crystal from BNTrader and Kurt Warner from Richdad Education join Matt in Episode 16 of the Trading Justice Podcast to discuss forex trading, FATtools, automated trading systems, bitcoin and the future of the currency system.  
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The amazing and talented Actress turned trader Milena Govich joins the Trading Justice Podcast to talk about trading earnings, trade management, credit spreads and what it takes to be successful in trading.  
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