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In Episode 27 of the 5 star rated Trading Justice podcast Matt and Tim discuss the major news of the day, the FOMC policy statement. They also get into understanding FED talk, the impact of the policy, and how the FED will unwind the 4.7 trillion dollar balance sheet. Matt goes on a rant about  Continue Reading »
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In episode 26 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss the NFL and how badly they have botched doing the right thing, the upcoming FED announcement tomorrow and how to trade it. They also get into headline news on bitcoin and China.  
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Coach D and MJ meet for the Tackle Trading Coaches Show to discuss the Scouting Report. They also talk about current market conditions, delta trading, vega trading and taking advantage expected moves in volatility around earnings. Tim joins the Coaches Show later on to discuss how to make money trading the dollar on tomorrows FED  Continue Reading »
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For episode #24 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt records the Tackle Trading Coaches Show where they analyze the news on AAPL and how it impacted price action. The coaches also answered questions from Team members concerning stocks and trades they were looking at. Discussed volatility and how it impacts option trades.  
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In episode #23 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss how the BOJ and the ECB impacted price action in the market today.  They discuss upcoming events.  Tim, plays the lifeboat game with Matt regarding Soros, Obama, Marino and Putin.  Matt makes  a shocking selection.  With the start of the NFL football season Matt and Tim make their predictions.  
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In episode 22 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss some of the top Stock Market Myths. Including: 1) This is a good time to invest in stocks 2) Stocks on average make you 10% a year 3) Investing in the market lets you participate in the growth of the economy 4) If you want higher returns you need to take more risk 5) You cannot time the market 6) We recommend a diversified portfolio of mutual funds 7) Stocks outperform over time  
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