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Noah Davidson from Tackle Trading joins the Trading Justice podcast to live podcast the FOMC policy statement. We also discuss the whole QE peogram, if it worked and the impact on the financial and currency markets.  
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Jeremy Reece joins episode #34 of the Trading Justice Podcast to discuss ways everyone with good and bad credit can improve their credit scores. They also discuss real estate investing opportunities such as Rehabbing, Mobile Homes, upscale retirement facilities and much more. For more info on Jeremy's Richdad Education's online basic training  
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The Coaches from Tackle Trading join the Trading Justice podcast in episode #33 to discuss the market action, earnings, volatility, market indicators, protective puts, put/call ration, and many other topics.  
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In episode #32 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss the recent movement in the market and how to protect against bearish markets with protective puts. THey also discuss sector rotation with the 4 defensive sectors all leading the aggressive sectors over the last month.  
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In episode 31 of the Trading Justice Podcast the Tackle Trading Coaches discuss the bearish movement in the market, increased volume, Bearish setups. They also discuss the IMF report warning of recessions in Europe and Japan.  
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Coach D (Noah) joins Matt and Tim for episode 30 of the Trading Justice Podcast to discuss preparing for earnings season, trading earnings strategies, the importance of understanding earnings and volatility. They also discuss the success of the Tackle Trading Scouting Report and Matt looks at the numbers in today‚Äôs unemployment report.  
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Dean Beckette joins Matt and Tim for Episode #29 of the Trading Justice Podcast. They discuss failed american foreign policy, the war in the middle east, Chinese protests, and Dean discusses his recent journey into Burning Man and the Burning Man economic system .  
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In episode 28 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim ramble about economics, minimum wage, and look at what is happening in the Commodities and Forex markets.  
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