Trading Justice

Coaches Matt, Tim and Noah from Tackle Trading conduct a live Trading Justice Podcast with a new wrinkle, the Rapid Fire Analysis = Awesome.  
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In episode #47 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss what they are thankful for, comedians, Chris Rock on SNL, and The situation in Ferguson.  
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In episode #46 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt goes solo in presenting an hour on the tradition system of retirement, cutting out the Wall Street middle man and taking control of your financial future.  
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Steve Huang joins the Trading Justice Podcast episode #45 to discuss a variety of topics such as trading naked puts, covered calls, growth as a trader among many other topics.  
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Coaches Matt and Tim Justice from Tackle Trading conduct the Coaches Show: Expiration Party. In this episode they discuss the naked put, trading DIS and answer questions from Pro members of Tackle Trading  
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In episode 43 of the Trading Justice podcast Matt and Tim discuss the importance of trading forex, the Forex Report which Matt puts out weekly on and why the FED lost its mind on the value of money.  
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In episode of 41 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim tackle a few different topics such as the current recession in Japan, the Bank of Japan monetary policy, Abenomics and the Forex Report. They also give challenges to the listeners to complete this week. 1) Tim's challenge: find Two covered calls to cash flow over the next few months. 2) Matt's challenge: Try using Bitcoin this week just one time.  
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In Episode #40 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss the latest forex report. They also discuss the difference between the active covered call and the long term covered call.  
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Christian Ljungbeck joins Matt and Tim for episode #39 of the Trading Justice Podcast. They discuss the journey as a young trader, styles and types of traders. They also discuss mindset as a trader. At the beginning of the podcast Matt brings on his 5 year old to discuss pattern recognition and trading with probability. She nails a probability on SINA.  
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In episode 38 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss keeping your trading plan simple. They also review their NFL picks at the half way point of the NFL season.  
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The coaches from Tackle Trading discuss management of spreads including the debit condor what is now being referred to as the demicon. They also discuss the Tackle Trading scouting report, forex report and management of the market. Finally, they analyze the market this week.  
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The coaches from Tackle Trading discuss a wide variety of topics concerning the market, including QE, earnings strategies and many other.  
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