Trading Justice

The coaches from Tackle Trading conduct their weekly coaches show.  They analyze the market action this week and look forward to 2015.  They also discuss the strength of the USD and the problems in the global markets.  Coach Gino goes through the weekly Scouting Report.  The Coaches Show finishes with the latest edition of Rapid Fire for the Pro members of Tackle Trading.  
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Matt and Tim conduct a live podcast for Episode #53 where they discuss the market in 2014, looking forward to 2015 and answers question from the audience.  
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Coach's Matt, Tim and Noah conduct the monthly Tackle Trading Coaches Show: Expiration Party.  
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In episode #51 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim discuss the oil crisis, the devaluation of emerging market currencies.  They also bring on Gino Poor from Tackle Trading to discuss his journey as a trader, how he approaches the markets and advice from a 17 year vet Hedge Fund manager.  
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In episode #50 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt teaches a lesson on the basics of forex and the future of the Reserve System.  
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Coach Matt, Tim, Gino and Noah come together for the Tackle Trading Coaches Show hosted for the Pro teammates of Tackle Trading.  
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