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podcast In the latest episode of the Trading Justice podcast, Matt and Tim discuss monetary policy with talk of the RMB overtaking the USD as the world reserve currency starting publicly, the strength of the dollar and its effects on international trade, and the basics of covered call strategy.    
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podcast In the second half of this two-part special about forex trading, Matt Justice covers the how of trading forex: the different pairs, news based trades, go to bed trades, and more!  
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Trading Justice Logo In episode 80 of Trading Justice, Matt goes over the basics of forex trading in detail, including:
  • what forex is,
  • different terms used in forex trading,
  • what is traded in forex,
  • what kind of market forex is,
  • how tradeable forex is,
...and more!  
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podcast In this episode of Trading Justice, it's the Tackle Trading March 24 Coaches Show. In this episode:
  • The coaches of Tackle Trading discuss volatility in the forex market,
  • Google's contrarian behavior compared to other tech stocks,
  • The current state of the world market,
  • The importance of position sizing,
  • A breakdown of the new Tackle 25,
and more!  
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This week the coaches went over the upcoming FOMC announcement later this week and how news-based trades in general ignore charting, the very specific usage of language by the Fed, the big picture history of the Dollar’s performance of late and how it’s making options traders a bit nervous, when to set aside the rules as taught  Continue Reading »
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podcast In the latest Coaches Show Expiration Party, the Coaches (along with guest Assistant Coach Dean Beckette) cover: -Weekly options -The team's reaction (particularly Matt's) to the Fed -Building watchlists -Protecting trades for a turnaround -...and Matt's favorite color!  
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podcast Coaches Tim and Matt are joined by Solon Stephanou to continue the discussion about Greece's current economic situation. Matt and Tim also talk about the market, the upcoming FOMC announcement, and more.  
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Trading Justice Logo Join Coach Gino, Coach Tim, and Coach Noah as they deliver the March 10 Coaches Show for the latest episode of Trading Justice! During this episode, the coaches discuss:
  • The uncertain future of oil,
  • Increasing volatility of the dollar as other currencies seek parity or even devalue,
  • General coaching on taking action and practicing where you need to,
  • Commentary on massive IPOs,
  • Coach Noah's Black/Blue dress stock call,
...and more!    
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Trading Justice Logo Not a Pro member of Tackle Trading? You can still catch the audio of the Coaches Show right here! Coaches Matt, Gino, Noah, and Tim cover the latest market movements, the Scouting Report, spread trades, and specific stocks and indices as requested by Pro members of Tackle Trading watching the show. Get in the game!  
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podcast Coach Tim is joined by Daniel Yin to discuss the how and why Daniel got into trading, and also go over Daniel's trading strategy of Theta Fade. Coaches Matt and Tim discuss the upcoming wave of economic reports in the forex market later this week.  
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