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podcast When Jim Francis first started trading over 15 years ago, he didn't fully know what he was doing or understand the markets too well. He placed a few trades with a company that he had some (what he thought was) positive news on, but was caught unawares when the stock price went down instead; costing him half of his initial investment. Jim los the other half to not realizing options had an expiry. It was a costly lesson, but Jim took it in stride and realized he needed help in order to learn what to properly do. He sought out training and it paid off: he's since learned a variety of strategies he can utilize regardless of what the markets are doing instead of relying on the various talking heads and hedge fund managers. In this episode, Tim and Matt talk with Jim Francis about his trading journey, his current thoughts on the market, and even Jim's kids' trading journey. applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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podcast The markets on August 24 2015 were down across the world, with only two stocks notable for going up. Oil continued its slide downward, going below $40 per barrel for the first time in years. In short, it was a rough day for buy and hold investors with no protective action in place. For those in the know, though, the day was an opportunity (provided you didn't short either of the two stocks that actually rose). Options pricing is considerably higher due to VIX spiking 40%. Gold had a mild rally, as well. If you're prepared and know where to look or are a directional trader, every market holds opportunity to increase your account size. applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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podcast Finding a trading system that works for you can be the difference between suffering consistent incremental drawdowns with no upside and being a successful trader. Just as traders come from every walk of life with the personal histories to match, so to are there a wide variety of trading systems to choose from. Theta Fade, a system created by TJ regular Steve Huang, is a system that focuses on options decay every Friday; and with the proper screening and practice, it can have a very high probability of success. Its instruction was recently offered at Tackle Trading, with the class filling completely within an hour of registration being made available. In this episode of Trading Justice, Tim speaks with Robert Rotolo and Denna Dean about their experiences in trading and with the Theta Fade trading system specifically. Robert was days away from quitting trading all together when he first learned of Theta Fade, and Denna was looking to expand her trader's toolbox. They were both pleased by the system itself and the instructor, Steve Huang. applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo      
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podcast Before Crystal Han became a real estate powerhouse and a 2014 Rich Dad Hall of Fame inductee, she had no interest in investing of any kind. She started in the medical field before a major life event forced her to expand her financial options. Crystal remembered being introduced to the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series a couple years before, and went back and re-read the original. She not only ended up with a library full of 'purple' books, Crystal also ended up signing up for both real estate investing classes and one-on-one mentoring from Rich Dad. Within a few years, her financial outlook became starkly better, and she's grown into other areas such as bridge loans and factoring. In this episode of Trading Justice, Matt talks with Crystal about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and investor, including her first deal and how she utilizes social media to its full extent. applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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podcast Special Guest Ricard Do was introduced to the concept of trading (as many are) through the book Rich Dad Poor Dad while on a holiday. The concept of making your money work for you and reclaiming independence struck a chord with Richard, and he soon found himself looking into classes on investing; starting with real estate and settling on trading. From there, Richard enrolled in Master Class trading & mentorships and is working his way toward financial independence. In this episode, join Tim as he and Richard discuss a wide range of topics from an in-depth look at behind the scenes in the oil industry, the darknet, and privacy to the fun (and occasional thrill) of travelling. applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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podcast In this episode of the Trading Justice podcast is brought to you by the Tackle Trading Coaches Show, the coaches discuss: China devalued YUAN by 2%;
  • Its effects on the market,
  • Why China did so,
  • Why China didn't lower interest rates instead,
  • Possibly actually part of the inclusion in the valuation of the SDR by the IMF to get the the YUAN more freely usable,
Oil's current performance;
  • Heading toward support,
  • The YUAN's possible effect on oil,
The importance of a personal gold standard; Noah's new Stock Report; New trading assessment tools; ...and more! applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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podcast The mindset of how you approach making money (and what you do with it) is important; particularly if your goal is to eventually retire from the usual 9 to 5 job. Matt Justice brings on special guest Jeremy Reese to discuss the difference between how entrepreneurs and consumers think about money, as well as the importance of your credit score & how you can protect it. ...and if you have any questions about your credit score, you can contact Jeremy Reese (who is FICO certified) directly at: 888.234.FICO (3426). applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo    
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podcast Tim Cooley, the CEO of Random Breakfast, believes in learning from failure. Failure can teach you a lot, provided you're paying attention. ...and depending on the situation, it can even make you more eager to get back into the game once enough time has passed. In trading, failure is a risk every time an order is placed. Whether it's a small drawdown or a blown up account, there is a lesson to learn: entry time, position size, and more. ...and even with blown up accounts, you can dust yourself off, get up, and get back at it once you're ready. Just be sure you learned what caused the account to go down in the first place. There are safer ways to fail in trading: paper or virtual trading. A unique aspect of trading as compared to other businesses is that you can practice a strategy before you implement it with a virtual account. If the paper account blows up, the only thing lost is time. Even then, though, provided you learn from the dead account, it wasn't time wasted, either. Join us in listening to Tim's story and his take on perseverance. ---   Also, here's the link to Simon Sinek's TED Talks: applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo
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