Trading Justice

podcast All four coaches from Tackle Trading are here for this special episode of the Trading Justice podcast as they go over the latest news in the markets and share the details of the new & improved Tackle 25! Among what's covered: The S&P's reaction to China on Monday and Tuesday, Volatility coming into the new year, The underlying issue with China's Monday drop, What China's goal is with printing more currency, How China's market being relatively new is impacting trading, The current strength of the US dollar, A strengthening JPY and what it could mean, What the EUR/USD pair is currently up to, Oil's behavior in the current environment, The purpose of the Tackle 25 and how to make it work for you, How covered calls off the Tackle 25 can help create cash flow, What ROID is and how it works, Possible portfolio balancing when making covered calls, ...and more! applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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