Trading Justice

podcast   Both Emily Muiruri and Rosemary Kioko came to the US from Kenya in 1993, and started in real estate. This lasted until the summer of 2014 when Emily lost her job and decided to take the summer off. At the end of her sabattical, she and Rosemary decided to attend a Legacy Education class on stock market investing, and they both fell in love with the concept of trading. Since then, they've formed a Women Investing club (currently at 10 members) to help each other learn and make better trades together, and they've also both continued their trading education with more classes and mentorships. It hasn't always been the smoothest road, but both Rosemary and Emily have stuck with it, and they continue to become better traders for it. In this episode, Tim invites two special traders to join him on the Trading Justice Podcast: Emily Muiruri and Rosemary Kioko. They're the founding members of the Women in Trading club, and they discuss with Tim their passions, their journey, and have fun doing it.   applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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