Trading Justice

podcast   Join Tim, Matt, and Book Club host Garrett Holden as they discuss Simon Sinek's Start With Why in this episode of Trading Justice. Start With Why by Simon Sinek focuses on, appropriately enough, why people do what they do through story and historical example. Oftentimes, companies and people can instead focus on the what instead of the why. Apple is an excellent example of this principle. Other companies marketing MP3 players tend to just focus on features and size (It's a 5GB music player), while Apple focuses on the why for someone would even want an MP3 player (1000 songs in your pocket!). The appeal of Apple's approach is how they frame the why of owning an MP3 player right into their pitch. On a smaller scale, compare these two hypothetical employees. "I'm working this job to pay the bills," is a weak why, and really more of a what you're doing. Compare that to "I'm working this job to learn skills and improve my situation, and it also happens to pay the bills," which contains a motivation outside of simple fiscal gain. Sinek expounds on this premise through real-world and historical examples including Apple, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others to convey that finding your own why (and working toward it tirelessly), the most important drive for your success. Fight for your why. LINKS Trading Justice Book Club Site Simon Sinek's TED Talk: Tim's trading journey: applogoapple logo_0034_stitcher tunein-logo  
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