Trading Justice

Bullish markets can feel easier to trade than bearish ones; even if you enter a stock mid-run, you can still turn a profit. That’s not quite the case with bearish markets, as entering before the bottom of downward run can potentially be quite costly if not timed correctly. It’s almost like trying to catch a knife…
Market Recap—4:09 Uncertainty—9:41 OPEC—14:33 Energy Risk—20:06 Natural Gas—25:05 Introducing Gino—31:08 Catching Falling Knives—33:58 Warren Buffett—35:21 Bottom Fishing—40:30 Stocks that didn't recover—46:01 Krispy Kreme—49:32 Stock on sale—52:20 Cut losses early—56:10 Setting up stops—1:00:08 Cam penny stocks—1:11:29 Phil resetting trades—1:15:57 Clownshoes—1:24:22
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