Trading Justice

Have you ever lost money due to a lack of knowledge of investing? Trust me, you are not alone. Many people face the same problem. Sometimes, not knowing what to do is the same as doing the wrong thing. Learning from the mistakes of others is a proven way to avoid unfavorable  situations.
  Intro: Take Control (Jessie Livermore)
16:05: Welcoming Robert Shannon
25:34: Economic Knowledge is Economic Power
41:39: Technical Analysis and Time Frame
59:13: Learn the Lingo
1:08:11: Creating trading systems
1:21:00: Environmental hedging
1:30:06: Clown Shoes

December's book is Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. You can find it on Amazon right here, or check your local library. We'll be doing a live audience podcast on December 1  at 7 PM ET to discuss the book. You'll be able to join us right here: Podcast Room
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