Trading Justice

podcast Intro: Tim Justice 2:39: A Look back (Tim, Matt) 12:22: Interview Tyler Craig 37:31 Interview Greg Holmes 53:45 Interview Brad May 1:10:58: Interview Keith King 1:45:32 Interview Jake Larmour 2:08:03  Fireside with The Fab Four (Gino, Matt, Tim, Noah)
 The long awaited episode 200 is here! Trading Justice has put together a group of interviews to take a look back on where we've come from, and where we plan to go. From young stallions in the game of trading to wise seasoned veterans, this episode has a message for everyone. The fabulous four  (Gino, Matt, Tim, Noah) have a great conversation after a few incredible interviews. Special guests: Tyler Craig, Greg Holmes, Brad May, Keith King, Jake Larmour.
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