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podcast In Episode #205 of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt Justice has a sit down with his trading team while out in the Wild Wild West.  A great conversation with the whole team.  All this after an in-depth look at the markets with the Market Skyline brought to you by the Justice Bros. This one is definitely one for the books! Intro: Tim Justice 2:05 Market Skyline 17:16 LIVE From LA The Team Sit Down 20:10 Rob Shannon Buying The Trump Rally 25:05 Welcome Mr. Moody 30:45 TONS of Gold at the Banks 43:05 Jakes Trading preparing for a Bear Market 51:05 Family on the Road
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podcast In Episode #204 of the Trading Justice Podcast, hosts Matt and Tim conduct a live podcast for our Book Club.  This month’s book was the classic 1937 work by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.  In Hill’s book, he artfully crafts a message that weaves a story, with process and appeals equally to analytical and creative thinkers.  The message in the book is as powerful today as it was when it was written, in the heart of the greatest Economic Depression the country had ever seen.  Enjoy the podcast, as Matt and Tim go through each of the 13 steps Hill details in the book, discussing each in detail and applying it to how we would use it today.  It’s a fun, sometimes even emotional, conversation.  You’ll love it!   Intro: Tim Justice 8:48 Book Club Agenda 19:21 Desire 33:25 Faith 42:46 Autosuggestion 49:17 specialized knowledge 55:08 Imagination 1:03:56 Organized planning 1:16:22 Decision 1:17:56 Persistence 1:30:04 Power of the Mastermind 1:44:38 The mystery of sexual transmutation 1:49:28 The Subconscious mind 1:52:04 The Brain 1:58:43 The sixth sense  
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podcast Intro: Tim Justice 8:56 Superbowl Reaction
15:56: Welcome Roel
24:44 Finding the right Financial advisor
29:21 Dodd-Frank regulations
46:31 Roel Trading Journey (Undiscovered Riches 7 misunderstanding about money)
1:09:26 Control your Financial future
1:15:45 Coaches Mailbag
Episode 203 is finally here! The Justice Brothers tackle the markets starting from the top with Market Skyline. Hear how all the major markets have moved in the past week. Eliminating Dodd-Frank? How would this affect you and your trading portfolio? And all the way from the 416 (Toronto), Roel Samago is here to talk about his new book Undiscovered Riches: How to Find Your Hidden Wealth. Roel Sarmago is one of the world’s leading financial life coaches. He is also a professional speaker, successful real estate investor, active trader and passionate palm tree hugger. Roel has worked with thousands of people helping them find their hidden wealth. Roel’s unique approach to personal finance will revolutionize the way you look at your money.
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