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Do you forex trade? If so this is the perfect podcast for you. The Justice Bros are here to explain the ins & outs of the Bank Open Trade (BOT). A simple yet effective trade that will help you limit risk and maximize profit. In the words of Matt Justice ” the older I get, the less time I want to spend staring at a computer screen”. This is for sure one of the trading strategies you’ll want in your repertoire.

The Markets are all interconnected, find out how news pertaining to the French election directly impacts the US markets. Also, a IPO would you rathers that will leave even the most senior trader dumbfounded. Your coaches have an excellent conversation about the importance of positioning sizing. Swinging for the fences every time is a great way to strike out often and destroy a portfolio. And one of our funniest clown of the weeks just so happens to be on Episode 214.

Intro: Tim Justice

1:31: Market Skyline

20:39: Feature Presentation (Bank Open Trade)

48:32: Would You Rather

1:08:47: Coaches Mailbag

1:25:15: Clown of the Week

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Forex Trading 101 Definitions 

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The Trading Justice podcasts back for a 213th episode we are joined by Beth Salamanca. Beth is a mentor-student of coach Tim Justice. She's been trading for over a year and is one of the best and brightest teammates the Tackle Trading community has. Her attention to detail and military background has accelerated her learning curve. Discipline in her opinion is the key to becoming a successful trader. Come get to know Beth as your coaches pick her brain about her trading experience. All of this after a thorough market recap and update. Things shaking up in the UK with Teresa May's announcement of an early vote scheduled in the near future. And as always, the coaches mail is full and your questions can finally be taken by our coaches. Sit back and enjoy episode 213th of the Trading Justice podcast.
1:53: Market Skyline 15:09: Featured Presentation (Interview with Beth Salamanca) 50:41: Coaches Mailbag 1:07:00: Clown of the Week Click Here to join us at Tackle Trading
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Trading justice episode 212 has arrived. While Coach T is on a brief hiatus in Hawaii your host Matt Justice along with the help from Noah Davison and Tyler Craig rock the mic just right. Does global tension equate to volatility in the markets? If we learned anything from the last few weeks its, sell perception and by reality. This week’s market skyline will help you grasp the reality of our markets. "What would you do if you could do it over again?" Our coaches discuss the 30-day action plan for new traders. Learn from their mistakes and get your trading journey off to a great start. Also, the coaches mailbag is full of goodies this week.Come fill your noodle with knowledge, and laugh till it hurts on episode 212 of the Trading Justice Podcast. Intro: Matt Justice 2:24: Market Skyline 18:48: Featured Presentation 46:27: Would You Rather? 55:36: Coaches Mailbag Click Here to join us at Tackle Trading
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 Episode 211 welcomes back both of the Justice brothers from a well deserves vacation. Many things have happened in the past week. The Trading Justice Podcast breaks it all down and deliveries an up to date market recap with a bow on top. Are the bulls still running the market, or have the bears come to play?
Seasonality and sector motion is key in understanding whats hot and whats not. You don’t want to buy flip flops with snow in the forecast. Gain a better understanding of when each sector is at its best and when to avoid a sector in its down time.
Getting back to our interactive portion of our show with the Coaches mailbag and the questions are rolling in. The Coaches mailbag is just about full after a quick hiatus. We have one of our best Q & A sections to date, that you will not want to miss!
   Intro: Tim Justice 1:56 Market Skyline 26:07: Featured Presentation ( Market Rotation & Seasonality) 48:03 Coaches Mailbag 1:09:20: Clownshoes
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