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Trading systems are the best when they come with detailed instructions. On today’s Trading Justice podcast, Coach Matt Justice welcomes market technician Tyler Craig to discuss his Cash Flow for Condors trading system. Find out today the ins and outs of this trading system and how to manage it in all market scenarios.
This episode of the podcast also discusses how to trade commission free ETFs in addition to the regular segments of the Coaches Mailbag and Market Skyline. Come join hosts Matt Justice and special guest host Noah Davidson for this very special Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Matt Justice 
4:38: Market Skyline
19:46: Feature Presentation
54:59: Hold My Beer 
1:19:05:  Coaches Mail bag 

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Episode 243 of the Trading Justice Podcast is dedicated to making our listeners better traders with some tips and tricks of the trade. We invited longtime friend of the podcast, “The Godfather” Keith King, to share a few pointers that made him a successful trader. In addition, the coaches’ mailbag is filled to capacity and we dive in and answer those questions today. Episode 243 is full of knowledge and years and years of trading experience. Enjoy!


Intro: Tim Justice
5:54: Market Skyline
39:00: Tips & Tricks 
1:06:46: Coaches Mailbag

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Since the dawn of the Internet, cyber-attacks have changed the nature of warfare in our world. Each and every year this modern tool to wage war captures more headlines and the ramifications for successful attacks become more serious for our way of life. Episode 242 of the Trading Justice Podcast invites an expert in cyber-security, Rick Hancock to chat about ways to ensure your cyber safety. Find out what others have done wrong so you can avoid making the same mistakes. Tune into this fascinating interview along with the normal Justice boy’s insights into the market and trading.


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Episode 241 of the Trading Justice podcast enlightens, inspires and takes our listeners around the entire globe. How can you make money and make the world a better place in the process? The boys at Trading Justice have found a way and have invited special guest Robert Shannon to discuss his Environmental Hedging approach to the markets. Mr. Shannon has been traveling around the world and using the money he makes from trading to experience all our mother earth has to offer.

Intro: Matt Justice 
1:58: Market Skyline
21:20: Feature Presentation
50:02: Coaches Mailbag 

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In this special Halloween edition of the Trading Justice podcast we have a couple tricks and treats just for you. We welcome Pete Thomas, a long time friend of the podcast and commodity broker out of Chicago for a spectacular interview on the current status of commodities. We also chat about the boom of the Asian markets and in our in the news segment we discuss the impact the potential new Fed chair will have on your trading and portfolio. 

Candy is the second sweetest treat you'll enjoy today with this special Halloween edition of the Trading Justice podcast.

Intro: Tim Justice
2:22: Market Skyline
40:25: Featured Presentation 
1:14:02: Hold My Beer 
1:53:02: Coaches Mailbag

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