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Today on episode 248 of the Trading Justice podcast a bit of déjà vu for our listeners. Matt Justice, Tim Justice and Noah Davison are here to reflect on their predictions from 2017. None of our coaches claim to have a crystal ball but after you hear some of their predictions from 2017 you may think otherwise. In addition to this fascinating lookback at 2017 predictions, this episode of the podcast will include the normal Market Skyline segment in addition to a new segment, Name that Quote. Sit back and enjoy this reflection of 2017 in this episode of the Trading Justice podcast.

Intro: Tim Justice
Market Skyline: 3:40
Featured Presentation: 27:51
Name that Quote: 1:07:10

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In episode 247 of the Trading Justice podcast we have a special blend of greatness. That’s right, we are bringing you the best of 2017. This special edition of the Trading Justice podcast includes discussions with Rick Hancock, tips and tricks from Greg Holmes, and commodities expertise from Peter Thomas. Episode 247 has a little bit of everything that makes Trading justice great so sit back and enjoy this special episode of the Trading Justice podcast.

 Intro: Producer Cam
1:11: Interview Rick Hancock
29:29: Ep 207 Forex Trading
39:37: Ep 219 Interview with Pete Thomas 
53:32 Ep 228 Interview with Greg Holmes
1:14:45: Ep 232 Interview Interview with Hector Duenas

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This week on the Trading Justice Podcast, we welcome back the environmental hedger himself Bob Shannon. Bob and the Justice boys will be taking a deep dive into the world of crypto currencies. Is this the future of currency or just a fad like Bellbottom jeans or tulip mania? We speak about Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and of course Bitcoin. Find out how to get involved in the crypto currency market and learn about a few potential red flags along the way.

Intro: Tim Justice 
1:01: Market Skyline
26:04: Feature Presentation
58:36: Coaches Mailbag


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The market continues to rally with the news of the passage of tax reform legislation. How long will this run continue? On episode 245 of the Trading Justice podcast, Coach Matt Justice is joined by Federal Reserve expert Jeff Crystal and commodities expert Greg Holmes to discuss the raging market. Find out how tax breaks will impact corporations and how they might impact you. All this and much more on episode 245 of the Trading Justice podcast.

 Intro: Matt Justice
1:06: Market Skyline   
36:40: Feature Presentation
1:04:00: Coaches Mailbag


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