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The good folks at Trading Justice bring you an outstanding podcast on this Memorial Day. After our always popular Market Skyline segment, we have a deep and productive conversation about investor’s daily routines. A daily routine can be one of the underestimated factors in your investing success. Then we invite Coach Keith King to share his thoughts on the Italian debt crisis. Coach King is an expert in the foreign exchange market and has a lot of insight on the topic. We end the show with the mailbag followed by one of our most fun segments “Who Dat.” Our show ends with an incredible story from Coach King saluting our fallen veterans and those that have served us in the military. It is a special day of remembrance and gratitude and we want to thank all that have served and continue to serve to protect our lives and freedoms.


Intro: Tim Justice 

Market Skyline: 8:27

Featured Presentation: 39:18

Italian Debt Crisis: 1:05:59

Coaches Mailbag: 1:16:16

Who Dat: 1:14:32

Military Salute: 2:05:39

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Sometimes it pays to do the right thing. Today on episode 270 of the Trading Justice podcast, Matt and Tim Justice are joined by the environmental hedger Bobby Shannon. Coach Shannon is finishing a world tour and is here to share his experiences from the road. He’ll share how he was able to use environmental hedging to pay for his trip along with lessons learned along the way. In addition, we’ve got a new game “two truths and a lie. And as always, our coaches mail bag is full and the coaches are prepared to answer your incredible questions. Episode 270 is a lesson in humanity in a world full of calamity. Enjoy!


Intro: Tim Justice 

2:03: Market Skyline 

27:23: Featured Presentation

58:40: Coaches Mailbag

1:30:59: Two Truths an a Lie


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Episode 269 of the Trading Justice podcast is a star-studded event. Coach Tim Justice hosts and keeps the conversation flowing with Coach Tyler Craig and Coach Emily Muiruri. Tyler and Emily are dedicated cash flow traders and provide tremendous insight on this powerful trading strategy. Needless to say, there are more than a few nuggets to be had in our conversation. Whether you are an existing cash-flow trader or looking for a new trading strategy, this episode of the podcast is sure to delight


Intro: Tim Justice

2:00: Market Skyline

16:02: Featured Presentation

38:12: Coaches Mailbag

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As the saying goes “you need to know when to hold them, know when to fold them” and today on the Trading Justice podcast we talk about the parallels between successful poker players and gamblers and successful traders. To share his experiences with poker, sports betting and trading, the eldest of the Justice Clan, Matt and Tim’s older brother Mark, joins us to discuss a lifetime of lessons learned in these worlds. In addition, we also spotlight the book “Trading, Sex and Dying.” Friend of the podcast Jing Li chats with coach Tim Justice about this piece of literature.All of this and much more on episode 268 of the Trading Justice Podcast. 

Intro: Tim Justice

1:32: Market Skyline 

22:30: Review of the Book of the Month 

35:37: Featured Presentation 

1:20:06: Coaches Mailbag 


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Episode 267 of the Trading Justice podcast is here and it’s a lively one. Today coach Matt Justice and Tim Justice are joined by Randal Edmonson. Randal proudly serves our country and has recently joined forces with Tackle Trading to help rally the troops and spread the word of wise investing. We’ll take a deep dive into Randal’s life story, along with his trading adventures. Also, in our coaches’ mailbag, the clubhouse has done it again bringing us a wide variety of interesting questions. We have prepared another outstanding segment that must be heard based on these outstanding and inquisitive inquiries. Sit back, kick up your feet, pop a bag of popcorn and enjoy Episode 267 of the Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Matt Justice

Market Skyline: 3:50

26:59: Feature Presentation 

1:28:47: Coaches Mailbag

1:46:07: Locked-In


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