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On today’s episode of the Trading Justice podcast, we are going to discuss system development. What exactly defines a system? We have the pleasure of having Christian Sisson on our podcast to explain. Christian is a team member at Tackle Trading and has developed a large number and variety of trading systems. We’ll talk about his “four horsemen of the trading apocalypse” amongst many other things. Will also get to know our coach is a bit better with a game of “Locked In.” Episode 275 of the Trading Justice podcast is definitely some of our best work. Enjoy!


Intro: Tim Justice

Market Skyline: 2:50

Featured Presentation: 29:16

1:14:24: Coaches Mailbag


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Covered calls are one of the most popular strategies traders and investors use to generate cash flow. Today on episode 274 of the Trading Justice podcast, the Justice brothers go over the beloved Tackle 25 list which is a list of covered call trading candidates. The boys deliver the midterm report card on the Tackle 25 as we approach the halfway point of 2018. In addition, Matt and Tim will break down current events as only they can in a special segment today “hold my beer, what’s this.” Certainly some famous words uttered before doing something epic or stating something profound. Nothing better in life on a summer day then a fresh episode of Trading Justice, enjoy!


Intro: Tim Justice

2:39: Market Skyline

26:52: Feature Presentation

1:26:40: Coaches Mailbag

1:38:40: Hold My Beer, Watch This

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Many traders have found tremendous success with technical analysis and use it as the cornerstone of their trading success. In episode 273 of the Trading Justice podcast, we discuss the importance of technical analysis with trading guru Noah Davidson. Noah has recently finished a product for Tackle Trading, Technical Analysis 101, and Noah and Justice brothers discuss how new traders can use this product to learn about the powerful world of technical analysis. All of this and much more in this episode of the Trading Justice podcast.



Intro Matt Justice

2:06: Market Skyline

23:43: Featured Presentation

39:58: Coaches Mailbag 

57:06: Analyze That   

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On episode 272 of the Trading Justice this podcast we dive into the archives to re-air one of our best podcast interviews. After our Market Skyline we rewind the clocks and visit trace Fasano in episode 202 of the TJ podcast. Trace shares her experience in the markets and reminisce is on good times. And the long-awaited return of clown of the week is here. Buckle up tight, this is going to be a wild ride. Enjoy!


 Intro: Tim Justice

1:46: Market Skyline 

18:22: Feature Presentation 

1:05:50: Coaches Mailbag

1:19:53: Clown Shoes 


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